Pregnant? Need to know your options?


When you’re faced with an unplanned, difficult or unwanted pregnancy, you may feel bombarded with conflicting feelings, thoughts and people's opinions.

An unplanned pregnancy can turn your world upside down and the circumstances around you may be overwhelmingly difficult. The timing might be wrong, or with the wrong person or there may be something worrying about the development of your baby. You may feel under pressure to have an abortion, or to continue with your pregnancy but feel anxious about what life with a child might be like. You are faced with difficult choices that have no easy answers.

It’s not unusual to feel confused and scared about making a rushed decision, or feel under pressure to conform to what others think or expect of you. This is why having a safe, confidential, neutral place to talk and explore options with someone not involved in your situation, can be so vital.

With Jakin, you can chat to a trained counsellor or support worker, who will listen to what you are struggling with, what being pregnant means to you at this time and how you are feeling about it all. She will give you all the time and space you need to work through your concerns and help you explore all the options available to you – Parenting, Adoption and Abortion.

Finding it hard to come to one of our centres? We can offer telephone or video call appointments now.

Abortion, adoption or parenting?

Jakin gives support BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your choice

When you have shared with your counsellor, all your circumstances and your thoughts and feelings about being pregnant at this time, she will go through your options with you, starting with the one you think might be best if you have got that far in your thinking. 

You will have the opportunity to: 

  • share your thoughts and feelings about each option 
  • learn what each option involves 
  • Talk about what support you have around you from your family and/or friends and which Agencies can support you in the choice you make

Our hope is that having explored all these things you will be able to make your own informed decision about which option you feel is right for you, and will know where to get the support you need for your chosen option.

All our counsellors are trained in Person-Centred Counselling. We will never try to steer you towards or away from your choice, but will support you as you make up your own mind. Information will be given on all the options and the support that is available – including the contact details of medical centres near you (if you do not want to go to your own doctor).
Whatever you decide to do, you will always be able to return to us at any time to talk over things and have more in-depth counselling if wanted.

Download our leaflets which give more information about the support available if you choose abortion, choose adoption or choose to be a parent.

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