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Thoughtful Indian Lady


Not Sure What To Do? Confused Or Frightened? We'll give you the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings, learn about your every option, and discover what support is available whatever your choice.

Considering Abortion

Difficult News?

After your scan we can help you process what has happened and help you think through what to do next. Our trained counsellors and support workers are experts at creating a safe, confidential, space where you can share your worries and fears.


Miscarriage Or Stillbirth?

Devastated or struggling to function? Our counsellors and support workers are trained in pregnancy loss and can help you begin to make sense of what has happened, no matter how long it takes.

Struggling After

After Your Abortion.

It’s not unusual to battle feelings of anger, guilt, regret or grief following a termination. Our counsellors and support workers who are trained in post abortion issues can help you find a way through.

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