Unplanned pregnancy or struggling after pregnancy loss?

Pregnancy care & counselling for Leicester and Leicestershire


An unplanned pregnancy, or pregnancy loss, can cause a lot of anxiety or pain. We can help you explore the best way forward.

Are you thinking that you might be pregnant and want to talk about any concerns? Do you want to explore your pregnancy options – Abortion? Adoption? or Being a Mum? and find out what support is available for each? Or have you made up your mind but want to talk it over honestly and find out more, without feeling swayed by those around you? Are you struggling after pregnancy loss – after a miscarriage or stillbirth? Are you struggling after an abortion or other pregnancy choice?

Our especially trained counsellors and support workers are experts at creating a safe, confidential, neutral space where you are listened to with care, respect and empathy. They will give you all the time and space you need to work through your concerns or your pain.

Our Service is open to all and it is free so that no-one is excluded because they haven’t the means to pay.

What shall I do? Can anyone help me?

If you think that you might be pregnant and are feeling concerned, we can help. We can give you the opportunity to share your circumstances, thoughts and feelings, learn what your options are, explore what each option involves, and spotlight all the support that is available for you. Whatever happens next, we’ll be there for you. 

I'm scared about what might happen next...

Receiving difficult news after a scan can be extremely worrying and frightening. You might be trying to process what it all means, get a gist of what to expect next and need help thinking through your options. If you need somebody to talk to, we are here for you.

Will I ever get over this?

When you’ve suffered a miscarriage or a still birth you need someone who can journey with you, through your pain. When those around you don’t know how to help you get through, we can help you find a way.

At first I was relieved but now I don’t know...

We can create a safe space where you can talk about your experience, however recent or long ago it was, and help you make sense of conflicting emotions no matter how long it takes.

What support is there for me?

As the pregnant woman’s partner and/or the baby’s father, you too are very important. It is vital that you look after yourself and your relationship. If you feel invisible or unsure how to help we are here for you too.

Jakin gives support before, during and after, your choice.

Our counsellors are neutral

We are able to offer completely impartial information and counselling, because we do not perform or refer for termination (only Doctors and Health/Medical Centres can refer women for medical or surgical procedures.) We offer emotional support and information – including the contact details of a medical centre near you.

our service is free & confidential

We don’t charge for our service so that anybody can get counselling in pregnancy matters. We aim to offer a safe place to talk freely and confidentially, whatever your circumstances, race, age, sex, beliefs, religion, culture, or background. We work in accordance with the code of ethics of BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy) and the ACC (Association of Christian Counsellors).

We'll help you find your best option

We can give you information on all the possible options plus open up the way for further support so you can benefit from all that is available. This includes the contact details of medical centres if you choose to terminate your pregnancy, but do not want to go to your own doctor for a referral. All our counsellors and support workers have been specifically trained in Pregnancy Choices. 

Get in touch

Telephone Counselling

Please text or give us a call on 07599 397938* weekdays 9-5pm. Should you get our answerphone please leave your name and phone number. We can arrange counselling by telephone or video call – whichever you would be most comfortable with.

Face to face sessions

We now offer a variety of ways to receive counselling sessions – over the telephone, Zoom or Whatsapp video call, as well as face to face appointments for those who need them in person. Please call us to find out more.

Common questions

We want to provide a service that anyone can access no matter what their financial situation is. This is why our service is totally free, so anybody who needs pregnancy counselling can have it. Jakin is a charity organisation and we have run on donations for 20 years now. If you are able, we welcome donations, but whether you can or not does not change the care you will receive.

Our typical sessions are face to face (in person or virtual), for an hour each time and you can meet weekly, fortnightly or whatever works best for you and your counsellor.

You can come for a one off appointment or for several weeks or months and if you need longer, for as long as you need. If you find it hard to attend and cancel three or more sessions in a row we will have to ask you to go back on the waiting list until a time when you can regularly attend (in order that those on the waiting list who are anxious to get started get their chance).

Absolutely. Our aim is to offer a completely safe place so you can talk freely and confidentially, whatever your circumstances, race, age, sex, beliefs, religion, culture, or background. For more information have a look at our safeguarding policy on how we keep you safe.

Please text or give us a call on 07599 397938 weekdays 9-5pm. Should you get our answerphone please leave your name and phone number and ask for Rose if you do not wish Jakin to be mentioned when she calls you back.

Our counselling coordinator will take the call and arrange to see you for an initial assessment, at a time that suits you. At the assessment you can discuss what you are experiencing, how it affects you, and what your needs are. The Coordinator will then match you with a counsellor or Support Worker with appropriate training and experience.  From then on you will be seen by the same counsellor so that you don’t need to keep explaining yourself. 

We'll take care of you

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 9am-5pm (out of hours answer-phone) In School Holidays we may run a reduced service. Please check this website for any changes to availability.

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