Had a miscarriage or stillbirth?


Losing a child through miscarriage or stillbirth can be an utterly devastating experience and the loss can effect every area of your life.

Because each of us is unique and we grieve in different ways, it is important that you are patient with yourself as you mourn the loss of your baby.

It takes time to learn how to cope with, and work through the pain. Sometimes those around you don’t know how to help you get through.

At Jakin as part of our free confidential service, we have counsellors and support workers, trained in pregnancy loss, who can give you the time and the space to talk about your experience, however recent or long ago and help you explore all the emotions you are feeling. They will help you make sense of them and journey with you through your pain, supporting you as you grieve. 

Partners or family members are welcome.

You can download our sheet Counselling Support after Pregnancy Loss here.

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